Sunday, October 10, 2004

vote, Vote, VOTE!

I don't have a front row seat to the circus that is coming up in America - namely the Presidential election. I feel a bit out of the loop, as I don't get much news here, as far as footage of the debates and such. So if anyone wants to email me their opinion of the debates, I'd love to hear more about the general feeling following these crucial last days of the campaign. I do get some snippets of footage on Japanese TV and articles in the English Language newspaper, The Daily Yomiuri, I get each day, but it doesn't seem like enough at times. Also, if anyone knows of any good websites where I could get internet streams of the debates that I could watch on my computer, then please leave a comment below with the url or email me.

Whatever your political persuasion, you must check out the two short cartoon song parodies featuring Bush and Kerry at - they are hilarious! I'm sure many of you have seen them already, but if you haven't, you'll have a good laugh at this whole mess.

Who came off better in the Cheney/Edwards debate? I didn't see any of that one. You could press hot pokers at my feet and you still couldn't make me vote for Bush/Cheney - which is part of the problem I think - so much of the country is already decided. What's staggering, to me at least, is the number of loyal Bush voters who see the past four years as a good time in America that warrants no change in leadership. What is interesting about being over here at this time is the perspective from other countries I'm getting. Not only do I see a different media take on all the events, but I get a different set of opinions from the Brits, Aussies, Canadians, etc who are my fellow JETs. If foreign countries were voting, Kerry would win instantly. And I can't find one person under 35 who supports Bush - at least not one that I've met while over here who would voice his or her support out loud.

Like I've said before, if Bush wins reelection, I may have to stay in Japan until 2008, so please make it safe for me to come home again sooner by voting for John Kerry.


Anonymous said...

I reccomend you go to , and watch daily show clips. The one labeled "Cleveland Steamers" has a few clips of the Cheyney/Edwards debate, and Jon Stewart is funny whether you agree with him or not.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha how true that staying till 2008 turned out to be