Wednesday, August 31, 2005

JLPT application is in the mail

I sent off my application today to take the level 3 test of Japanese language proficiency.

The test is Sunday, December 4th, so I have about 3 months to study and prepare.

All together, with the application fee, paying for a passport photo for the app, special mail delivery fee and the fee for the application form itself I've already paid about 7000yen ($70) to take this test, so I'm determined to make an effort to study for it and not procrastinate as I often did in college.

I also have to drive out to somewhere in Hiroshima ken to take the test that Sunday, but I should have Mark and Rusty with me, as we all decided to try for level 3 together.

So it'll be study, study, study in my free time for the next three months - but the big benefit is that hopefully my Japanese conversational ability will improve and I'll find it easier to talk with my co-workers and Japanese people.


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