Sunday, July 30, 2006

2006 Leaver's Party in Sada

2006 Leaver's Party in Sada - 1
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The end of July/beginning of August is the time when we say goodbye to JETs who are leaving the programme and heading home and say hello to the fresh recruits who arrive in Shimane from Tokyo Orientation stunned at how hot it is in Japan in August.

We had a nice party for the JETs who are leaving at Sada Forrest Park. BBQ food and a cool slideshow by AJET President Ben and the AJET Awards.

I was given the award for "SuperJET" - mostly due to my presentation in Kobe I would guess. It was nice to get an award from my peers, so thanks to those who voted for me. :)

We had this discussion on the Shimane JETs webboard a few months ago - while I think I would feel OK classifying myself as a Super ALT, I don't think I quite make the grade as a "Super JET." I do my best to attend JET functions and I try to get to know as many JETs as possible, but I'm not as active in weekend activities as many other JETs.
But I think I'm pretty kick-ass as an ALT - the job part of being a JET. I need to work on the "Fun" part of being a JET a bit more and socialize a bit more since it's my last year now and I've got the teaching part wired.

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Skulla Petra Lunga said...

Ok, I have been watchin you and yer blog for a while now Mr. Harris, and I must say when you refer to yourself as a SUPER ALT, I just have to step in.

Super ALT. Think about it. That's one step away from Super HERO. I think it's time you just go ahead an don some tights and a cape or at least get bitten by some local radioactive Japanese beetle.

Just wanted to say hello. Haven't chatted in a while. You are missed dearly here in the states, but we are proud your your ALT-ness so keep on truckin. Here is my blog for your future reference:

I post my music mixes there and will soon post some really weird Star Wars stuff if you are interested.

ps. Trying to get Scott McWilliams hired at Disney - interesting story.

All my best, your friend
Chris Thomes