Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pictures and vlogs from my Tokyo trip - part 2

Tokyo - Feb 09 trip - Day Four - 3.jpg
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Hello All -

I've finally had some time during my Spring Break to update my FLICKR page with the rest of my Tokyo pictures.

These include pictures from Sunday, when I went to a famous Buddhist temple in Asakusa called Senso-ji. And I traveled by train out to neighboring Saitama prefecture to visit the John Lennon Museum.

Both were worthwhile destinations and I recommend them both to people visiting Tokyo.

The picture above is me in the lobby of the JLM - you aren't allowed to take any pictures or video in the actual museum, so that's about all I have, except for a few vlogs I shot at the entrance:

The temple at Asakusa is a very famous landmark in Tokyo and it was super crowded on the Sunday I visited.

Tokyo - Feb 09 trip - Day Four - 10.jpg

But it was interesting to see the mix of commerce, with the path leading up to the temple full of shops on both sides of the path, and the traditional, with people waving incense all over their bodies and making prayers and offerings inside the temple.

It was a great final day in Tokyo - I had just the right amount of time before I had to get the train from Ueno station back to Narita airport. And the weather stayed nice the entire time, altho it did start to get chilly on Sunday.

Unfortunately, I think all the carrying of luggage around the stations, and up and down large flights of stairs, did a number on my back, and after feeling sore all week, my back seized up on me on Friday after I got back and I was in bed all the next weekend, basically unable to move and in great pain, necessitating a trip to the Japanese emergency room that Sunday. Sucks to get old! :P

Anyway - the trip was excellent - I had a great time, met some cool people, saw some awesome sites and ate some great food.

I can't wait to do it again!


Tokyo - Feb 09 trip - Day Four - 20.jpg


M' T said...

omg @ 2nd pic! While I was there in december 2007 I took exactly the same pic with exactly the same angle and exactly the same lighting! Could it be a popular picture spot or something?

Maybe you would like to see my version of that picture? (where to send?) It's quite funny to see the similarities :P there are a few differences though.. I was standing a bit more to the left, and in my pic the smoke goes up instead of sideways.

Jason H. said...

Sure - you can send you pic to: