Friday, April 17, 2009


So this is the most watched video on the Japanese YouTube main page today.

It's two skits from a TV show. Watching it - if you have no idea what they're saying or why people are laughing - welcome to my world. :)

I often channel surf, but I seldom watch any variety or comedy show for too long. While I do get the cultural references some of the time (for example - I think the first skit is a parody of a popular TV show) and I do understand some of the Japanese - most of the humor here goes right over my head.

The actors or comedians on most shows 1 - talk way too fast for me and 2 - often use Kansai dialect full or words and expressions I'm not familiar with.

It's tough sometimes living somewhere where you're never really in on the joke and you can't really make jokes of your own.
Again - the more you can learn Japanese, the more you will enjoy your time in Japan.

My students will most likely enjoy this clip.


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