Saturday, September 11, 2004

Still no access at home :(

Hello All,

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my posts.

I haven't been able to update in a while, so I'm sorry. Basically I'm now situated at my base school - Taisha Jr. High - where I hang out in the teacher's room everyday until I have classes. They only have one internet computer in the teacher's room that about 20 teachers share, so my access is limited for now.

I finally got my supervisor to arrange for me to get internet access at home - I should receive the modem, etc this week and hopefully be up and running from my little apartment by next weekend. Then I should be able to update this site regularly.

Still trying to get a scooter, which will be my next larger purchase, so a digital camera will have to wait until at least the middle of October.

Despite typhoon conditions and a double earthquake, I'm doing fine and settling in OK. I'm craving some good Mexican food and a night out at the movies, but other than some small distractions, I'm making the most of my time here and enjoying everyday.

Hope all is well where you are.



Anonymous said...

I'm reading!!! oh and if you have time we are doing speeches in AcDec just now so if you have advice that'd be extremely helpful as you see, we've actually decided to try this year and do the best we can

Java Boo Boo said...

Hi... Surfed in from the blogger search bar thing. I've got a buddy of mine who's in the Navy and is stationed over near Tokyo.


Emily Watkins said...

Yeah, that typhoon was more severe than I expected, and I imagine you guys on the coast got the full force of it.
Double earthquake? I thought I felt a small tremor, a day or two before the typhoon, but I couldn't tell if it was my imagination. By the time I fetched a glass of water, whatever might have been happening was no longer maybe happening.

Glad to hear you'll soon be wired. Good luck with the scooter.