Thursday, March 17, 2005

Kitty Chan and Ampanman say Congrats!

Kitty Chan and Ampanman say Congrats!
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

Across the bottom the board reads "omedetoo gozaimasu," which means Congratulations in Japanese. You can also make out the katakana-ized version of "love" - RABU. The characters on the board are Sanrio's mascot, Hello Kitty, and a Japanese cartoon character made of bread named Ampanman.

I'll post soon about the whole day of Junior High graduation, but for now I'll post a few pics. This is the decorations in one of the 9th grade classrooms. The 9th graders are done with school from today until they start High School on April 8th, so they get a good long rest. Most of them deserve it. My first class of 9th graders was by-and-large a great group and I'll miss many of them. I hope a few come back and visit and let me know how they're doing in High School.

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