Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Genki English: ESL Karuta Game for Teaching English

A good twist on "karuta" - a game I must have played hundreds of times in my schools in Japan.

Instead of the teacher saying the word and the kids simply identifying it and slapping the card, the kids have to ask the teacher a question; in this case, "Do you like....?" and if the teacher says "Yes" they can slap the card.

The video above is in Japanese with English subtitles.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,
I like your teaching methods. I have also seen your website which is excellent. I was wondering if you could help me out since you know so much about ESL/EFL.
I want to start my own website to connect ESL teachers with ESL students. I’m trying to research who the typical profile is of someone who wants to learn ESL online through software like Skype. What countries are these types of ESL students typically from? Are they usually students or are they hobbyists or business people? Why would they choose to learn on the web through Skype instead of going and learning in a classroom?
Keep writing your informative blogs! I’m a big fan.
Best regards,

Jason H. said...

Nat -

Are you asking me (Jason) or Richard, the man in this video who also runs the GenkiEnglish site?

I can only take a guess at an answer...

You might find ESL students who want to learn using Skype in Japan, altho there is already a well-established company in Japan called Gaba that does something similar. You might look into South Korea, as they have a huge internet savvy population and many Koreans want to learn English.

Skype would be a choice for those that live farther away from town centers or just want the convenience of staying at home to learn.

Best of luck,