Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sentaku Eigo 2005 class - girls group 1

Sentaku Eigo 2005 class - 8
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So today was the last day of my optional (elective) English class with my 9th graders at Taisha JH for this term. Even tho there are three terms in a Japanese school year, they only switch electives once, so I get two classes per school year. This was my first class of this school year.

We have a lot of fun in this class, as it's the class where we don't have a textbook to follow or any set goals - just use English and have fun.

These are the kids I tend to get to know a bit better than some of their 9th grade classmates. And I had great kids in this class. You might recognize Asuka and Mai, my two speech contest students, in the front of this picture. I'll post the rest of the names soon.

This isn't an honors class, but the kids tend to be more interested in English and willing to speak and use English a bit more than they do in regular class. Since I get to design and plan all the lessons, we tend to have a lot of fun, but I hope they learn a little along the way as well.

In October I'll get a new class that will stay with me until graduation next March. I hope they're as good as this class was.

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