Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sentaku Eigo 2005 class

Sentaku Eigo 2005 class - 9
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Here are the boys. I had 32 students this time around, but only 9 boys. Last year, it was the reverse, with about 8 girls in a class of 30.

The boys at this age tend to be more soft-spoken and a little less genki than the girls in terms of participating in class, but I think they had fun in class and all of them were keenly interested in the Wallace and Gromit animated short I showed in class today while they finished up their term projects.

I'll post names when I have access to my roster, cuz I don't want to get any wrong.

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What's up Mr. Jason?
Just a quick hi from Florida, and a how is life from?
Matthew and Jodi