Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sentaku Eigo 2005 class - group 2

Sentaku Eigo 2005 class - 3
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I had a great class this term. Lots of students who were interested in English and willing to try whatever wacky game or project I could think up.

I gave them a little surprise party today with some drinks and snacks. The girls descended like a hungry pack of vultures, leaving almost no food for the boys who hung back, since they were the minority in this class (in a school where there are more boys than girls overall). They don't often get outside food and drink at school, so they all had a fun time eating and drinking and finishing up their term project, which was a book with 7 pages all about them, but written in English. I let them keep the books, so I hope they hold on to it, and show it to their parents and maybe in a few years find it in a drawer and remember what it was like to be a 9th grader.

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