Thursday, November 03, 2005

Araki sho Eigo Club - Halloween

Araki sho Eigo Club - Halloween - 6
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I know this blog is seriously out of date and in dire need of an update. I've been super busy lately, but I should have some time in the coming week to update the trivia and post a few more pics.

Don't give up on me! :)

Here is a great pic of me and my English Club kids from Araki Elementary. You'll notice that they made their costumes out of black garbage bags, and 4th grader Shinya on the end even made himself a cool hat, kinda like mine for my Merlin costume.

I grew my beard for the whole month of October just to have it for this week of Halloween lessons, but while it grows white, it doesn't really grow THAT white, so it didn't really work as the fake one I had last year. Alas, that one fell apart and it's hard to replace here since they don't have Halloween in Japan. I'll try and pick one up when the Santa costumes come out for Xmas season.

We got to go trick or treating around the school and I taught the kids a bit about Halloween traditions and we played a fun game using English. More pics are on my Flickr acct accessible by clicking on this pic.

Hope all is well.


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