Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yokan Sho 2006 Graduation

Yokan Sho 2006 Graduation - 28
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Yokan had an interesting wrinkle in their sotsugyoushiki (graduation ceremony) - after the graduating students received their diploma they exited the stage and then went into the audience to find one of their parents and handed the dipolma off to them.

The student would bow and say something along the lines of "Please hold on to this for me" and the parent would bow back and say "Omedetou Gozaimasu" which means Congratualtions.

A few of the Moms wore ceremonial kimono, such as the lovely one pictured here. And most of the Moms cried at some point during the ceremony.

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K said...

I guess all the kids had at least one parent there?

Sad situation at my school...once the ceremony in the gym finished the classes went back to their homerooms for a smaller ceremony, where the certificates were handed out.

Anyway, after all the crap was handed out the teacher spoke about how all the parents were to recieve a small refund from the fees they pay for air conditioning.

So the teacher came to the back of the room where the parents were huddled and started calling out names and handing out envelopes of money.

He got to H's name and...silence...the only student who didn't have even one parent there. So the teacher gave the envelope directly to H. I wanted to cry. Why didn't anyone come to his high school graduation??? He is the type of kid that has no friends, really shy and awkward... making me like him even more.

To make matters worse, when everything was done and everyone was walking around taking pictures NO ONE came up to him to take a pic with him. Not ONE student. This class had been together for 3 years and not student wanted to be in a picture with him.

I took a few pictures with him and sat with him for a while, making him promise to write to me.

Good god, that's a sad story to put in your comments.

I just wish parents and fellow students weren't such assholes sometimes.

Enough from me.