Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Graduating Class of 2006 at Yokan Elementary

The Graduating Class of 2006 at Yokan Elementary
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This is the somewhat small class of 6th graders who just graduated from my 3rd biggest elementary school - Yokan Sho. Yokan has only one class per grade, and no one class has more than 30 students, so it's relatively smaller than Araki and Taisha Sho - my two biggest elementary schools.

They were a good class and I'll be happy to see most of them everyday starting in April as they start Jr. High.

I attended Yokan's graduation ceremony this year, since I went to Taisha's last year, and will attend Araki Sho's ceremony next year - that way I would have been to all three of my bigger elemnetary school's ceremonies during my tenure here. They all have graduation on the same day at the same time, so I can't do more than one a year. Although this year I was able to swing by Taisha Sho and see some of the graduates as they left the school for the last time - I'll post some of those pics soon.

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