Wednesday, March 22, 2006

6th grade Teacher & pupils

6th grade Teacher & pupils
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Here is Ago sensei, the 6th grade (roku nen sei) teacher, and three of his 6th grade graduates (sotsugyousei).
Ago sensei was a cool guy, so it'll be interesting to see what grade he teaches next year, as this year was his first at Yokan Sho. His daughter is one of my students at my Jr. High.

Most of the elementary school teachers advance each year with their class - so, for instance, when I first arrived Sonoyama sensei at Yokan Sho - one of my favorite Elem teachers - was teaching the 2nd graders. This past year he taught the 3rd graders and next year he'll teach the 4th graders. Not sure if this continuity is good for the students overall, but this system is very much in keeping with the social dynamic here in Japan of group harmony and the importance of the group.

These three girls will be with me everyday at Taisha JH starting April 10th. They didn't have to wear a school uniform at Yokan Sho, but they will at Jr. High.

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