Friday, August 11, 2006

Ni Nen Sei Sports Day - Girls' Basketball

Ni Nen Sei Sports Day - Girls' Basketball - 7
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Click on this pic to see a whole bunch of pictures of my 8th grade girls playing basketball in a super hot gym.

The boys got to play soccer outside where it was equally hot, but at least there was a little breeze.

Our main gym is on the 2nd floor (the kendo and judo dojo are underneath on the first floor) and I made a joke with my kendo coach (seated in the background of this pic) when a ball went out onto the balcony that it went over the railing and smashed the window of his car parked below. He was not entirely amused.
But the next day he was calling me a "gifted fortune teller" since that exact thing happened when the 7th grade girls were playing and he had to have his car towed to a nearby glass shop to get the windshield replaced. I felt really bad, but you can't say I didn't warn him sortof.

Every year the 8th grade class takes a 3-day field trip to Osaka and Kyoto in September. Last year I asked to go, but they basically made up excuses why I couldn't. This year tho I'm sitting with the 8th grade teachers for the first time, so it'll be interesting to see if they invite me to go along. I would like to go since the kids get to go to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) in Osaka and I would have a blast riding the Spider-Man and Jurassic Park rides with them.

Anyway - I hope to post a bunch of pics in the next few days, but I'm jumping all around time wise.


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Emily Watkins said...

You should ask your school about this now. I asked one of my JTEs about my school's September Kansai trip at the end of the spring term last year, and while she wasn't the person who could make the decision on whether I could go or not, she said it would be difficult, as all the arrangements had been made months before.
I thought it was strange, as they couldn't have known how many students would be attending that far in advance. "Why not?" she said.
"Umm... sometimes students move? Like, a family from Kyoto moved to Nita this year."
"Oh, really?" But apparently nobody had moved to Yokota.

I asked around a little bit this year, at the other junior high, as that's where I'll be the week the two schools go to Kansai. But my JTE there seemed kinda hesitant. I should've pursued it, but I suspect it's far too late now. I'll just go to Matsue with the 1nensei like I've done before.