Monday, October 16, 2006

Summer Diary English board

Summer Diary eigo board - 5
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

I've posted a few random pics - so click thru to my Flickr account and check em out.

First up are some pics of the wall outside my main English classroom on the 2nd floor of my Jr High.
I decorate this wall with all kinds of stuff all-year-round, but recently I put up a bunch of pictures I took over the summer break and this display has proved to be very popular with the students, since it consists mostly of pictures of them.
So I'll continue this trend and work this week on a new display of pics from their all-school Sports Day back in September.

After that there are some pics of my friend Ang's Sports Day at her school - Taisha High School. I went by and hung out at her sports day for about two hours - it was fun to watch how they do things at the high school level and I got to see some of my former students who are now at her school.

more pics to come this week - so stay tuned!


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