Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sada HS taiko team

Before going to Kyoto, I finally wised up and bought a memory card for my digital camera. So now I can take like 250 pics without having to upload to my laptop. But the other nifty benefit is that I can take about 8 minutes of video/movie footage as well. I never really used the movie feature on the camera before, but this past weekend, my friend Ang's taiko team, from the local high school out in Sada, performed in Taisha town, and Ang couldn't be there, so I thought I'd give the movie feature a shot.

Turned out fine, depsite my shaky camera work and inability to zoom. The clip here is only about 90 seconds long, but it gives you a taste for it.

I've decided to use YouTube for my vids - it's a great site, but they were just bought out by Google for some ungodly amount of money, so things may change.

I'll post the vid here, or you can search for me - my user name there is "myargonauts".


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