Monday, October 09, 2006

Meet some of the new Izumo JETs

at the 2006 Izumo summer festival - 2
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click on this pic to see other pics of the new kids in town.

Izumo, the somewhat large city about 10 minutes away from where I live in Taisha - had their summer matsuri (festival) on Saturday, August 12th. This year they held the event at the large sports park called Hamayama koen, and it was a good choice as they were able to block access to some of the roads and let people wander freely about, enjoying the food and dancing and fireworks, etc.

Some of the new JETs got "persuaded" by their supervisor, the ever-so-cool Mihara san, to dance a traditional dance in costume at the festival. And lo-and-behold, their team won a prize! It probably didn't hurt that the Mayor of Izumo was also on their team.

So here is Eric, an American, Angelo, a South African, and Ewan, who hails from Scotland, all dressed and painted for their part in the dance. They did their best to keep up, and it was fun to watch.

Well done lads!


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Ang said...

Those costumes are really nice!