Wednesday, July 25, 2007

America kaerimasu!

So I'm heading home to San Diego tonight - I leave on a night bus for Osaka, then get on a flight to Korea tomorrow morning and then after a short lay-over I get on an 11-hour flight from Seoul to Los Angeles. Curious thing about when I fly FROM Japan TO California - because of the time difference I arrive at about the same time I leave. My flight gets in at 10:25am on Thursday at LAX, even tho I left Japan at 9:40am on Thursday Japan time.

So I'll be home for about two weeks - should be a nice, relaxing time. And - I get to go to Comic Con!!! Woo-hoo!

So no updates for a few days perhaps, altho I have tons of new pics and vids to show you all - I've been so busy these past few days.

Sunday I went to Oda to watch my kendo team.
Monday I went to Gotsu to watch my girls' tennis team (and I got really sunburned).
Tuesday I went to Oda to watch my volleyball team, and then came back to Izumo to watch my Chorus club at a concert.
Today I had to go to Matsue to finish renewing my visa and re-entry permit, and then to Taisha to update my "gaijin" card, before going back to watch more volleyball in Oda.
So lots of driving! But I have some great new pics and vids and I'll try to post them while I'm in America.

To all my Taisha teams competing this week and in the coming weeks while I'm gone...

がんばって!!!! (good luck)


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