Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One concert - Three schools

Monday was a national holiday - and I spent the day at a local music hall watching three of my school's Brass Bands perform.

I had simply planned to watch my Jr High band - so I arrived at around 11:30am to watch my "C" team - the new 1nen sei students perform as a unit in their first concert. When I got the concert program, I notcied that just after my 7th graders (1nen sei) perform, one of my elementary schools - Taisha Sho - was also set to perform. So I got to watch them as well.

I took a break for lunch (yummy ramen) while other local Jr Highs performed and came back to the hall at 2:30 to see my Jr High's "A" team (2nen sei and 3nen sei) perform. They did really well and I wish them luck at their upcoming competition. I then returned one more time to see Taisha High School perform at the end of the day at 5:40pm. Many of my Taisha Chu kids go to Taisha HS, and many of my favorite kids from last year are now 1nen sei (10th graders) at Taisha High School.

So it was great to see some of my former students, and see many of my current students all in the same day.

I snapped a few pics, so check em out by clicking on any of the pics below.

And "Yokoso" (welcome) to any of the students who are now checking out my blog. Enjoy!

All the high school kids in this pic were once my students at Taisha Jr High!

Taisha High School band members

Wacky 3nen sei from Taisha Chu

2nd attmept - a success!

The 6th graders in the band at Taisha Sho

Taisha Sho 6nen sei - band members - 1.jpg


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