Sunday, July 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

lunchtime with 5nen sei at Taisha Sho - 6.jpg
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How did I spend my birthday this year?

I spent it mostly at two of my elementary schools - Taisha Sho and later in the day, Araki sho.

The previous day, Thursday the 5th, I actually taught 4 lessons at three different schools. I started the day with a Super English lesson with about 55 sixth graders at Taisha Sho, then went to Yokan sho for two lessons with the 4th and 5th graders - ate lunch with the 5th graders, and then back to my Chugakko for a 6th period lesson with one of my 8th grade classes. Long day!

On my birthday I was scheduled to teach 2 classes each of 4th and 5th graders at Taisha sho, and then race over to Araki sho for English club 6th period.

Despite the hectic schedule, I had a fun day, and I got to take lots of fun pics - many of which I've posted on my Flickr site.

You'll see pics of me drawing for the kids at lunch time, and me hanging out with them during cleaning time and then me taking pics of them after school as I try to leave but am beseiged with requests for stickers.

I've got some video from the day too, and I should have a link posted to my You Tube site soon.

So I'm 38 now - and some days I certainly feel it - but on days like my birthday when I'm busy and surrounded by genki young kids - I bet you wouldn't guess I'm a day over 25.

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Adekun said...

I little belated but Happy Birthday. They seem to be coming around more and more quicker...

K said...


I love reading your blog, even though I don't comment often. You sound like you are having such a great time. I really miss Japan, enjoy it while you can!