Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rina, Yuki and Ayumi at the Taisha summer festival

Rina, Yuki and Ayumi
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

Last Wednesday, the 15th, my small town held its annual summer festival, called the "goen matsuri."

This year was my 4th year to attend. I was joined this year by my fellow Taisha ALT - Ang - and another teacher - James - who teaches at the NOVA language school in Izumo - and another teacher - my former JTE - Yamamoto sensei, or Hanae as I call her now.

We all met up on the main street in Taisha town at about 4pm, and it was HOT - 30.C +!
We walked around, saw the vendors and food sellers and I saw many of my students. We stuck around until it got dark and more of Ang's students started to appear, since she teaches at Taisha High School and the older kids wait until it's dark to come out - they must be wiser about it being cooler by a little bit after the sun goes down.

Many of my kids dress up in summer kimono - called "yukata" or "jinbei" - and walk around with their friends eating snow cones and taking a break from thinking about school.

I took a bunch of pictures again this year, so you click on the one above and be taken to my Flickr site.
I also shot a few video clips which I hope to have up on YouTube soon.


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