Monday, November 12, 2007

Taisha High School kids

Taisha High School kids
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

These pics go with the video in the post below.

I posted 8 pics of former students to my Flickr site.

I finally got Risa on video (see below). Risa is the shyest of her triplet sisters, but her and Kanaka gave me a fun interview.

I already have videos spotlighting the other kids in this pic:

For a good one with Risa's sisters Saki (far left) and Shiho (not in this pic), go Here.

I have a ton of vids of Yuki (far right), but I like this One with her friend Saki from last year.

And you can see one with Kazuki (the tall boy) by going Here.


And I'll post the rest of the pics from the Thanks Concert, featuring my current students soon.



James said...

Hello Jason,
I was wondering, I am currently applying to the JET programme and I am currently filling out the application (I know its getting close to deadline) and I am really stuck on my application essay. Will it be possible for you to give me a few pointers as to what to write and what to keep out of it.

Thank you I greatly appreciate it.
James Jones

P.S sorry for using your blog to contact you I dont know your email address.

Mine is

again thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Jason, I saw you were complaining about japanese music before. Have you found any bands that you like yet?

I'm a pretty big fan of the pillows and X, but I dont know any others that seem worth anything. Find anything good?