Friday, December 28, 2007

Chorus and Volleyball

The 9th graders!
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Here are two more sets of pictures from last summer that I forgot to post. Pics from the Chorus Club and the Volleyball team.

On July 24th, I started the day by driving down to nearby Oda to watch my girls Volleyball team. They did well and won their matches. Then I drove back up to Izumo and watched my Chorus club compete in a regional competition. You'll notice in the two sets of pics from the 24th that I'm wearing the same t-shirt.

Then on July 25th, I drove to Oda again to watch my Vball girls, but they lost in the penultimate match, meaning they didn't get to advance to the next competition. Lots of crying and sad faces.

That night I took the nightbus to Osaka to get my flight home the next morning on the 26th.

If I recontract it's going to be even more hectic next summer as I'll have two schools to try and cheer for - luckily they often end up at the same competitions - and I've even been to a match already where Hamayama fought against Taisha. Those are gonna be tough.

I've also uploaded a few pics from the Chorus concert at Taisha's music hall - the Urarakan - that took place in June.


Kanako & Yuka

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