Sunday, July 20, 2008


While everyone in the States is scrambling to get tickets to see The Dark Knight (I'm very jealous!), this new trailer for perhaps the next great comic-influenced movie will appear over the weekend.

The Watchmen is the greatest comic book series I've ever read. And that's saying something. It's a deconstruction of the superhero mythos that was originally published in 12 issues back in the late 80s.
The author, Alan Moore, is a true genius, who along with artist Dave Gibbons crafted a towering work that redefined comic literature for the next two decades.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you seek out the affordable trade paperback of the comic series. It's an amazing read!

And I have high hopes for the film. Director Zach Synder also directed last year's amazing comic adaptation of Frank Miller's "300."
The visuals and costume design and attention to detail evident in this trailer have me hoping for the best.
I always thought Watchmen would be best served by a mini-series on a channel like HBO (it's R-rated material), but I have faith in Synder to pull off a feature film version.


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