Monday, September 22, 2008

Sumo - Tokyo Day 7 - Asashoryu v Tochinonada 9-20-08

This is a good example of my Sumo coverage on my YouTube channel.

I tape certain matches off my TV, watching the English play-by-play, and provide my own commentary on the wrestlers and the action.

I've really come to love Sumo over my years here, and will certainly miss it when I leave.


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Bruno said...

Hey man! Here's Bruno from Brazil!
This was a great bout of Asashoryu!

Unfortunately Kotooshu is not well in the tournament, and I know you've been busy for a while, but I'd like to ask you to post the bout between Asashoryu vs Kotooshu. If it's impossible I'll understand, but if you could, I'd Apreciatte.

Thank you, and congratulations for the blog!

PS: Sorry for the poor english.