Friday, July 10, 2009

Like bubblegum with a wafer in the middle

1. Products in Japan amuse me at times. Especially when they misuse English.

2. School farewells are tough - I have two more tomorrow and three next week. Gambarimasu!

3. Japan in the summer sucks! OK, ok - it doesn't suck, but damn it's hot!

4. I didn't mention it in this vlog - but I got to go swimming with about 12 of my students yesterday at the school pool. It was so refreshing and fun! 12 boys who are in the "Fun Sports Club" get to use the pool after school and I was asked to join them. We had a blast! I may be a fat old geezer, but I can swim like a fish. :D

5. I can't wait to be back in the States to drink regular Pepsi again. It's sad that I'm looking forward to cola... :P

6. This video is over 10 minutes long - if you watched all the way to the end I owe you a sticker! :D


PS - the really sad thing is I don't even chew gum.

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