Friday, August 07, 2009

Back in the USA

Not quite "Back in the USSR" as The Beatles once sang about, but I am back in the United States - in northern San Diego to be specific.

I got in last week after a LONG journey home from Osaka via Seoul to Los Angeles and then two hours on the freeway to San Marcos, where my parents now live.

I hope to have updates on my new job here and my plans for moving back to Japan in 2010 as they happen and materialize.

I'll have pics too - I know my Flickr site is not fully functional at the moment as I let my "pro" status lapse, but I'll have it back up and running soon. Of course, I continue to update my main two YouTube channels - Myargonauts and TaishaJason.

It was very sad and stressful and exhausting leaving Japan after 5 years, but I hope to settle in here and enjoy the next 6 months or so before I go back to Japan in March of 2010 (either for a visit or to go back there to live).

Hope all is well.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You're just in time for wildfire season :D

M' T said...

have a nice long holiday in the US before you had back home to Japan ;)