Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great website about Taisha in Japanese and English

My former Japanese language tutor, Imaoka sensei, and an ALT from Taisha who I've known for 4 years - Angharad James - worked on the English language version of a guide to famous local sites in Taisha, like Izumo Taisha shrine.

It's a really great page of photos and information - so check it out Here!

Here are the opening lines:

Japanese speakers may refer to this guide when giving a tour of the Izumo Taisha area to English speakers. The following questions are ones foreign visitors might ask at the sites.


This site makes me very nostalgic for my town.



Delphine said...

I can understand the nostalgia. What a beautiful town, I'd love to visit it if I ever had the opportunity :)

Susan Willis said...

I miss Taisha very much as well. At work they told me I needed to put up a wallpaper on my computer to relax me to make my workspace less stressful, so I put up pictures of Taisha. :)