Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pictures of me teaching in Elementary school

Shaking Hands
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

I encourage you to click on the above picture and go to my Flickr site to view all the pictures AND read the captions! :)

I'm often asked to show lessons from my classes, and usually if I'm taking the pictures, I'm not in them, but this was my first year as an ALT (February 2005) and one of the HRTs took these pics of me with a combined class of about sixty 3rd graders.

I sorted thru and found a bunch that don't show faces clearly, so you can get some idea of how I would conduct a lesson. This was a simple lesson of learning words from flashcards - a common lesson at Japanese elementary schools.
We also did a dance/song and played a board game in this extended class that lasted about 80 minutes (with a break in the middle).

I found this CD rom of pics in my boxes of stuff from Japan and haven't seen these pics in about 5 years. Do I look younger? :)


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