Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stache - yes or no?

In the first 6 hours after I posted this video today, I've gotten one-hundred comments. hahaha

Click on the "watch on YouTube" link and read some of the comments - fun stuff!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

Not sure if this is the correct contact method but I don't have a youtube account and can't find an email address so I'm just putting it here in the comments.

I've heard that when applying for the Jet programme, if you request Tokyo as one of the places you'd like to teach, they just scrap your form then and there! I'm sure this is a bit of a silly rumour, but just wondering there is a 'knack' to specifying where you want to be.

I really would like to apply and be considered for Hokkaido, since I don't work well with humidity and would probably fair better in the bitter cold than the extreme heat.

Any advice?


Jason H. said...

Rose -

I think putting Tokyo as a selection for placement just shows a lack of research or knowledge of the JET Programme, and yes, if I were on the selecting committee, I would put your app in a "B" pile if you put Tokyo as a choice.

Choosing Hokkaido is a decent choice - I doubt it gets chosen that often - and you should have a reason why you chose it - you like winter weather AND one other reason (some cultural place you want to see, etc).

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jason, that's very helpful.

I have actually visited various parts of Hokkaido (to stay with a friends who were working as JETs), and there are other parts I would like to see. It is a beautiful part of Japan.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your time spent making this content and putting it out there for people to learn from. It's really helped me find out more about the 'practical' aspect of a year (or more) abroad.

:) Rose

Anonymous said...

Definitely go with the mustache. It looks really cool.
*thumbs up*