Friday, July 09, 2010

NHK not to air next sumo competition live

I'll still try to have updates on my all-Sumo channel on YouTube - JasonsinJapan - but my access to footage via TV Japan may be limited.



kotaro said...
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Hiko said...

Jas mate,

I'd be interested to see you do a blog on your thoughts on the recent basho and all the drama. I did a bit of a blog prior to the basho talking about recent dramas and scandals in the sport. Personally, I felt bad for the rikishi who had done nothing, that were the ones being punished in this tournament. It was the wreslters that did nothing wrong that had trophies withdrawn, hardly any kensho prize money... They never did this when they discovered marijuana use by rikishi (even though it evenutally got out that there were Japanese rikishi involved in this as well).

One thing I did like though was the digests. I can't watch sumo at work, but I like to watch it and get the results before I watch the news. The problem is that on NHK, the sumo is shown live over 2-3 hours, and then a 30 minute digest show is played at midnight, so to avoid getting all the results from the news, I would record 2 hours of sumo every day and go home and spend a half hour watching it zapping though the bouts with the remote. For watching on TV, I actually appreciate and prefer the condensed format that NHK adopted for this tournament, and hope that they either keep it, or at least do digest show earlier in the evening that I can record and watch instead of the full two hours.

Anyway, interested to hear your thoughts.