Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun email from a former student

It's always fun to get email from my students, and this one showed up in my inbox this morning somewhat out of the blue...

Kaori was a student who graduated from my Jr High in 2007 and she is now at a university. I mentioned her in a vlog - she's a super cool kid, but I hadn't communicated with her in a while - I sent her a message when I visited Japan back in March when she was graduating from HS, but she was so busy, she never got back to me.

Japanese people in general are notoriously slow at replying to email, so just be patient if you try to strike up a correspondence with someone in Japan.

Here is the email (with slight edits for content, but it's all her own style and wording):

Dear Jason

Hello! Jason! How are you?

I'm kaori k........ I was Taisha junior high school student 4 years ago.

Do you remember me?

I'm sorry to sent you the letter so long time.

I was very busy that time.

I would sent the letter because I had very happy news.

I passed the university exam!

Now , I go to university of M.........

M........ is far.

It is 12 hour from Shimane by car.

But M........ is very good place!

Many people is kind!

I like M........!

I enjoy life.

Jason,what are you going to do this summer?

I am going to do volunteer activity during summer vacation!

And, reading many books ,listening many musics ,thinking many things etc....

I am going to enjoy this summer vacation!

I hope that you enjoy this summer!!

Good bye,Jason!

from kaori k.........

Here is a pic of us in school back in 2006:

Yukiko, Kaori & me

Kaori and her classmate Yukako used to write me letters in English for practice:

Letters from Kaori & Yukako - 2

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