Monday, December 20, 2010

Daily English question

So I have a 1st year student who comes into my office just about every Mon, Wed and Friday just after the Media Center opens to ask me a question related to English grammar. Some are easier than others to answer and explain using my Japanese and simple English.

Here was today's question...

The set-up is this: it's a Family Circus one-panel comic strip.

Billy and Dolly (two children) are sitting at the kitchen table and their dog, Barfy, is watching them.
They're about to each eat a hot dog.

Billy says in the caption: "Hey! Don't say you-know-whats in front of Barfy."

OK - explain this cartoon to the Japanese student using simple English and very little Japanese, and specifically explain the usage of "you-know-whats" - you have 5 minutes. Go! :)


Go HERE if you aren't familiar with The Family Circus comic strip.

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