Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Japanese students - make a vlog!

Practice makes perfect. This is a phrase you hear often in America.

It's a cliche, クリシェ , but it's true too.

You'll only get better at speaking English if you practice and don't worry too much about making mistakes.

The great thing about making a vlog is you can edit out some mistakes and try again if you really mess up.

Take the young woman in the video below.
A friend on YouTube recommended her channel - she's in high school in the UK
and studying Japanese on her own.
So she doesn't have a lot of chances to speak Japanese in England - there just aren't that many Japanese people around where she lives.
So she speaks Japanese into her camera and puts it on YT, and adds subtitles in English and Japanese as well.
It's really good practice and also brave, because sometimes you get bad comments on YouTube. But most people support her and try to encourage her to keep trying and making videos.

Can you make a video like this where you speak English for 3 minutes?
Why don't you try?


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