Friday, February 04, 2011

Photo Essays of High School students in Japan 日本の高校生のフォトエッセイ

I stumbled across a cool website showcasing photography by Japanese high school students.
Prize-winning works in the “Photo and Essay Division” for high school students of the 31st Yomiuri Photo Grand Prix.

I plan to make a vlog on my YT channel about this and why I think it's so cool, considering the images Westerners are routinely bombarded with regarding HS students in Japan, but I thought I would share the link with you now.

Go HERE to see the prize winning entries from a few years ago.
Some of the text and stories are really interesting.

These are the basic guidelines for the contest, which does include a 300,000yen First Prize.
Introduce a high school friend you know well, expressed through a set of not more than five photographs and a text of 150 words in English or 200 characters in Japanese.

The site is bilingual - the above link is in English, but you can click to get 日本語。


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