Monday, February 07, 2011

Big America #2 - the IDAHO burger from McDonald's in Japan

Even tho I know it's not that good for me, I now eat at the small McDonald's in my town about three or four times a month.
I always, and I mean ALWAYS, get the same thing.

The Big Mac meal, or in Japanese - ze biggu maku setto.

Costs 630 yen if I get the L size cola, which would be a medium in America.

I've been eating Big Macs for more than 30 years now. Kinda weird when I think about it.
But just the other day I was at the Mickey Ds in my town when 4 of my college students came over to me (it's in a food court type setting in a mall) and started to chat. Two of them have never had a Big Mac before. "Too big," one of them said.

But they'd all just eaten the new burger - the IDAHO burger, part of Japan McDonald's new campaign of American style hamburgers that started off with the for-a-limited-time-only TEXAS burger.

The IDAHO burger has bacon and a big hash brown patty in addition to meat and cheese and sauce. It's looks pretty good, but I haven't tried it because I always get the Big Mac. There is nothing about the Big Mac I don't like except for the two pickles, which are easy to take off.
But the IDAHO burger has mayonnaise and I HATE mayo. And I always feel weird about asking for a "special order" at McDs. The ones in America just aren't geared up for special orders, like the way Burger King is. If you order a burger at a McDs in America minus one of the regular ingredients, you almost always have to wait for them to make it for you, while everyone else is eating their food already.

Anyway - if you've tried the IDAHO burger, let me know. I may finally try something different at a McDs for once.

The vid below is a YT friend who eats even faster than I do - believe it or not. He eats more than one IDAHO burger in this video - do you think it looks delicious?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason! I quite enjoyed the Idaho burger. Actually, it doesn't have mayonnaise, but instead it has honey mustard and a sweet pepper/oniony brown sauce. Both are yummy!

I wrote a review of it here, you might be interested to check out :

VickySM said...

I've lived in Idaho all my life and found this video delightful!