Friday, August 13, 2004

Heat Wave - It's Official

I heard on the news last night, which is an English dub of the local Japanese broadcast, that they set a new weather record in Tokyo yesterday: For 38 straight days, starting on July 6th, it has reached over 30 degrees Centigrade in downtown Tokyo each day. 30 degrees C is about 86 degrees F, and the daily high has often been 33 or 34, pushing it past 90 F. Add to that the humidity, and it's HOT here. This beat the old record of 37 straight days set back in 1995, and this is now officially the hottest summer on record in Tokyo since they started keeping such records.
And the record whould continue for even more days as the weather forecast shows no signs of cooling off.
So what did I get to do at work yesterday, while wearing nice khaki pants and a polo shirt? Be out in the sun for three hours loading 1,200 flower planters into trucks after the conclusion of the Kendo sports festival they hosted in Taisha earlier this week. All I can say is I'd better be losing some weight! :)

Side note: Iceland also is having a bit of a heat wave; the news mentioned that they recorded the hottest day ever in August in Reykjavik yesterday - 78 degrees F. Break out the air conditioners! :)
Here's a link to the official Iceland home page article about the Hottest day:
which also has a link to a funny article about how the hot weather is adversely affecting the tasteful fashion in Reykjavik.

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