Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Here it is!

I've decided to use this free site for now until I can get my own blog started with my friend's help later in the month. I can post photos here, but since I don't have a digital camera yet, it's not a concern yet.

This is the test post to see how it all works.

More soon, especially after I get internet connection at home.


PS - you can leave comments for me below after you visit, which would be really cool. Thanx!


Emily Watkins said...

Sweet! Another Shimane JET.
Yes, rice is expensive, but one of my supervisors was very kind to give me a nice sackful. And the rice cooker? I think I'll buy one of my own and bring it back to the States with me, it's so darn convenient!

Emily Watkins said...

Oh, wait, haha! I know you.
How'd you like that typhoon?

Anonymous said...

hey jason...
it is your near and dear friend michelle :)
hey, is this site free? and you can put pictures on the site? how do you do this...i need some instruction...either post it on your blog, email me or post it on the la/az jet website yahoo group, actually the third would be best...maybe i will try doing this too :)

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