Wednesday, January 31, 2007


"Ohisashiburi" basically means "long time - no see." I know it's been a while since I've updated, and I hope to remedy that soon.

I've got tons of fun new pics, both from my trip home to SAN DIEGO for winter vacation, and from my ongoing adventures right here in glorious Taisha.

My future here in Japan is a bit uncertain at the moment. The JET Programme used to basically be a 3 year program, where we teachers decided to renew our contracts on a yearly basis. But 3 years was the maximum unless you applied to do a special Elementary School-only job for a 4th and 5th year. Most JETs seem to stay 2 years. So I was set to go home in July at the end of my three years, but late last year, the government agency that runs the JET Programme decided to change the re-contracting rules and allow JETs to stay a 4th or 5th year assuming that the school/town they work for still wants them around. So I had to think anew about leaving.

And I decided to try and transfer to a High School for my 4th and 5th years, so I would have had the experience of teaching at every level of the Japanese education system from pre-school to kindergarten to elementary to Jr High to High School.


my transfer request was denied. I just found out today. I'm really bummed, as I think I would have a lot to offer my new school and I would have enjoyed the fresh challenges of teaching new kids in a new enviroment.

So now I have to decide if I want to
1 - stay at my current job for a 4th and possibly 5th year
2 - leave the JET Programme, but stay in Japan, which would mean finding a different job in another city
3 - going home, applying to Grad school, getting my teaching credential, and starting my career as a High School history teacher in California

lots to think about...

and I have to decide by Monday. Yeah, it was nice of the Japanese bureaucrats to wait to deny me until 3 days before the deadline for my re-contracting decision.

So guess what I'll be doing this weekend...

I will be watching the American SuperBowl on Monday, as they're showing it live in Japan at 8am Monday morning. (I'm taking a day off I got for working some overtime a few weeks back).

Anyway - hope all is well where you are - I promise to have new pictures and new vids up soon, so thanks if you've been checking in here - I haven't forgotten. :)



Titia said...

Lots to think about!!!!!! I still have no idea and I have to decide by tomorrow! Let's get together for some more CoCo curry soon!


Gamakichi said...

well, i don`t speak much english, I'm 15 year...I'm from Chile south America... but, I wish you good luck... I love Japan, but i have never traveled... I would like to have friends from Japan... I'm practicing my english with your blog.
I can understand little...
Here there are not many opportunities to travel to Japan, but I'm going to try...Tengo muchos deseos de viajar a japon, estudiar y vivir ahi... tal vez es una utopia, pero hare que esa utopia se haga realidad, que no sea ciencia ficcion.

Hugs!... good luck, you enjoy your live.. thanks..