Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jr High Boys kendo in Yasugi

I just posted 4 short clips of my kendo teams (boys and girls) from their competition in Yasugi this past weekend. My boys did well at the start of the day, but lost in the 2nd round. My girls did better, making it to the final round and coming in 2nd overall.

I've been busy the past few weekends getting out and seeing my kids compete - I watched Volleyball in Matsue three weeks ago, then tennis in Matsue two weeks ago, then kendo this past Sunday in Yasugi, which is about an hour away by car. This Sunday I'm off again to watch my Chorus club compete, again in Matsue, which is the captital of Shimane.


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Angharad said...

That's a cool video. Kendo just looks crazy. I watched the Yesterday karaoke one too...ahh, those girls were so high-pitched!
So you're going to watch the choir on Sunday? I think Junior High schools are in the morning, but me and Mark are both going to watch our students in the afternoon. Prob see you there!