Friday, March 09, 2007

Yo Sen Kai movie - Taisha Chu

Here is a 7-minute film I made for my graduating 9th graders, who were 7th graders when I first arrived in Japan in 2004.
Two and a half years with these great kids distilled into a 7-min movie.
It was the time alloted to me for the farewell ceremony (Yo Sen Kai) we're having for them today at school.

I hope you enjoy the film, despite the poor picture quality that results from the compression needed to make the film small enough to upload to You Tube.


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Angharad said...

Oh Jason, that's excellent!!! Well done! The transitions and pics fit really well with the music, must have taken you ages!!!
I feel I should take more photos at school now...
Btw what's the name of that telephone song with the high pitched dingdingding that your students sang at karaoke?