Saturday, May 12, 2007

Aya, Minami & Kyoko

Aya, Minami & Kyoko
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

Click on this pic to see my 9th graders (San Nen Sei) enjoying their Beach BBQ. The kids cook all kinds of foods - mostly yakisoba and okonomiyaki, but also all kinds of other noodle dishes and BBQ beef and vegetables and then dessert. It's quite a production.

With these pics - I've passed 2000 pictures on my Flickr site. And I now have over 6000 in my iPhoto file on my laptop. I'm a photo-taking fool!
I realized recently that the new memory chip I have for my camera is a good thing and a bad thing. Just a year ago, I went to a band concert and was confined to taking just 30 pictures - the amount allowed by the internal camera memory I was using. But this year I snapped away, taking 96 pics that day. The memory card gives me the freedom to take as many as I want - but I'm terrible at deleting pics - I tend to keep them all. And maybe having to be more selective when I didn't have the card made me a somewhat better photographer - I had to choose my shots and only keep those that were good. I'm not sure - I just know that I took about 450 pics of my kids in April alone - crazy! :)


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