Sunday, May 20, 2007

new display inside LL room

new display inside LL room - 1.jpg
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As part of my upcoming presentation at the Kobe recontracting conference, I will talk to the ALTs about "surrounding their kids with English" - creating a stimulating enviroment for them to study and work in.
Some teachers might find this distracting, but I think giving the kids something to look at and/or read when they are walking down the halls or putting their indoor slippers on is a good thing.
This picture was taken inside my LL (Language Lab) classroom at my Jr High. I rotate the pictures and put up new displays about every two months as I have time. I had purchased some Japanese movie magazines that had supplements listing the top 50 movie stars of all time and another showing great movie posters. So I cut them up and created this movie display, with a small sign in Japanese that says "These are some of my favorite movies and actors - what is your favorite movie? Who is your favorite movie star?"
You can click on this pic and see some others - including the 2nd half of this wall and the outside wall, where I made a display all about Spider-Man 3, and I also displayed pictures I took of the kids in April. The kids love these displays.

It takes a little extra time and effort to maintain these displays, but we all have some down time as ALTs and I think it's worth the effort.


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