Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the weekend before Xmas

JH Ensemble Concert - 4.jpg
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So, in addition to going to Hirata to watch my Chorus Club perform at a charity concert on Christmas Eve (I already posted a video from that day below)...

Christmas Concert in Hirata - 7.jpg

I spent the weekend before Christmas in Izumo watching my students and former students perform in an ensemble competition.
Saturday, December 22nd (My brother Paul's birthday - Happy Bday Paul!) - I went back and forth between 2Chu and the local music hall to watch my Jr High students play in various groups - like the 4 saxophone players above to larger groups of 8 or 10. Everyone I saw played pretty well and at least one group made it to the prefectural competition in February.

Then, on Sunday, December 23rd I went back to the same Jr High and music hall to watch my former students, who are now at Taisha High School, perform. They all did excellent and I'll talk to them again soon to see if any of them made it to the next level.

HS Ensemble Concert - 1.jpg

It was a busy three days before going back to school on Tuesday the 25th for closing ceremonies, but it was fun. It sure beats shopping at some crowded mall. :)

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