Monday, April 21, 2008

JETs annual visit to Taisha Sho

JETs annual visit to Taisha Sho - 13.jpg
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Every year, the new 6th graders at my local elementary school take a school trip in April and visit the Peace Park in Hiroshima (about 4 hours away by bus).

While at the park, they are assigned to talk to any visiting foreigners, speaking English with them and asking for their autograph.

So every year, I invite other ALTs and CIRs from my area to come to Taisha Sho and help the kids practice their English.
This helps cuz these kids are so used to me, I'm not "scary" anymore, so meeting new foreigners, even tho none of my friends are scary, is a better simulation of what they might encounter.

And we had a good range of countries represented - Angelo is from South Africa, Hannah is from Wales, Nicola is from New Zealand and Eric is from Texas, which is big enough to be its own country. :)

My thanks to them from helping me out - I know they kids enjoyed meeting them.

Click on the picture above for more pictures from that day or watch the short video below to see my kids practicing the sample dialog without looking.


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