Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring in Shimane - soccer, sakura, sports and Super Mario

soccer in Matsue - 32.jpg
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Hello All -

The above picture was taken a few weekends ago in nearby Matsue. I went to Matsue 4th Jr High to watch my Taisha kids play soccer. By lucky chance, they happened to be competing against my other school - Hamayama JH. So I got to see a bunch of my kids play. It was a great day weather wise and as you can see in the picture, the sakura (cherry blossoms) were in full bloom, lending a very nice background to the action.

I've been spending quite a few weekend hours watching my kids compete lately. This past weekend was Baseball, Volleyball and girls tennis on Saturday, and then shogakko soccer and boys tennis on Sunday. This coming up weekend is track and field.

I also went to a concert recently and watched some kendo. I really do get around.
I have no life, so I channel all my free time to cheering on my kids and supporting their club activities.
Occasionally I see another ALT at these tournaments and concerts, but not often enough in my opinion.
Seeing the kids outside of the classroom is the best part for me, so i really enjoy hanging out with them between matches and chatting, etc.

I uploaded tons of pics from my recent sports watching, and the video below is more to show off how pretty it is here in Taisha than to showcase my kids playing tennis.

My FLIP camera is still broken, so no new vids for a while perhaps. I will try to get another new camera soon. I got an iSight camera for my laptop - basically a webcam, so I should be able to do some more vlogs soon - they've been pretty popular on my YouTube channel.

The reason I mention Super Mario is because I also bought a 2nd hand Nintendo Game Cube from a JET that is leaving Japan soon.
When he mentioned that the game system would include 4 games, one of them being Super Mario Kart, I was sold.
I used to play SMK for hours with my friends Chris, Pat and Scott back in San Diego on the original Super Nintendo system. It's one of the few modern video games I'm actually good at.

Anyway - enjoy the pics and vid and i should be posting more soon.

See ya,

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