Sunday, October 12, 2008


I now have over 800 subscribers on my main You Tube page.

I used to leave a comment on every new subscribers channel page - a quick thank you for subscribing. But I've added so many people in the past few months that I'm now at least three weeks behind.

Having a channel where youu give advice is both good and bad. About once a week now I get a PM over at YT that reads something like this...

you probably get these thankyou emails all the time, heck, you probably get emails that start off saying 'you probably get these thankyou emails all the time' all the time haha.

anyways i have watched all the jet vlogs and im so glad i did because its exactly what i want to do with my life when i get myself a bachelors degree, now i have a good idea of how to prepare and some of the things i should expect to experience.

Id just like to say i think it was a very kind thing of you to do, making all the jet vlog's to help all the people interested.

so thankyou very much.
Hope you have a good life.


And believe me, I appreciate everyone of these emails. It's nice to know that not only are people watching my vlogs, but that they find them helpful or even inspiring.

But I also get a ton of poorly worded or simply unreadable emails. And these from people that want to one day work as English teachers. And I also get asked a lot of silly questions now - about living in Japan mostly, but I get some really wacky questions as well.

I think the most annoying ones for vloggers like me - who have a bunch of vids on our channels - is the type of question that we've answered many times before in previous vids or that could easily be answered with just the simplest Google search.

And my viewership is tiny compared to some of the big YouTube vloggers that have many thousands of subscribers - i can only imagine what there inboxes must be full of.

I'm really happy that YouTube has given me an opportunity to reach out and help potential JETs and people interested in living in Japan. I've met a bunch of interesting people online from all over the world.

So thanks for watching and stay tuned - more to come!


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