Friday, October 23, 2009

Jason does Kendo (剣道)- Part One

My most recent YouTube vlog. I edited some footage I shot back in July on the last day of school at my main Jr High School.

Some of the "honors" this video has after the first 24 hours it was on my channel:

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My description from the YT sidebar:

After school, on the last day before summer vacation, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the kendo team at my main Jr High school one last time.

I decided I would put on all my gear and let the kids have one last whack at me after their practice ended.

Yamasaki sensei was kind enough to help me out with filming and explanations, and the whole team stuck around even though I'm sure most of them were pretty tired. (Practicing kendo, where you're wearing fairly thick clothing, in Japan in the summer time is a hot and sweaty job)

I can't really show the kids too much, but you'll see a little more of them in part TWO since they'll be wearing helmets. I really have enjoyed my time hanging out and working out with the kendo team, even though I've gone to practice less in my last two years.

I hope you enjoy this vlog, I apologize in advance for my poor Japanese, and I hope you watch part TWO - Coming Soon! :)



a good guide to kendo terms: Click Here

a beginner's guide to kendo with two methods for tying the tenogui: Click Here

けんどう(剣道)translates to "way of the sword"

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Sandra Barron said...

Very cool! Educational and fun.
Nice that you're involved with JET from the other side now.